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Sage Test Scores are Through the Roof!!


In honor of the high sage test scores! Jody (Principal) was forced to spend 48 hours on the roof of the High School in the rain!


Congratulation to the 2016-17 


Hi HHS,                
The program discusses seven traits that will teach our students resilience. The seven traits are referred to as the 7 C’s. Competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, 
coping, and control.
 Each month we will highlight one of the 7 C’s. 
September: Confidence
October: Character
November: Contribution
December: None (too busy with the break :)
January: Competence
February: Connection
March: Coping
April: Control
Each month we will include info on each of the 7 C's in our newsletter, in announcements, posters in the halls, display it on the marque and we are hoping for you to incorporate it into your classrooms where ever possible. 
At the beginning of the month we will email you the word of the month and some information that will hopefully spark conversation within your classrooms. 
Thanks for any help with this! We really believe that this will be beneficial to all of our students!!
Hurricane High Counseling Office
Jon, Sherae & Hollyand then the September: Confidence C

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