Minutes Sept 2017


Update member list for Nate Johnson and excuse Rich Hill from list


From agenda regarding introductions:

  • It was brought up by Chair Arthur LeBaron to update the School Community Council Member list on HHS Website to include Nathan Johnson as a school member and to remove Richard Hill as he no longer is serving on the school council.

  • Kevin Adams informed the Council that this will be his last year as a council member.

  • New members Suanne Humphries and Tammara Foster were introduced

From agenda Item “Training Video”

From agenda item “Utah Open Mtg Law”

  • Chair LeBaron discussed the UT Open MTg law, it was recommended that we update our school calendar to reflect dates of our Community Council MTG so the public is aware.  During this discussion questions arose about finding the greatest academic need for students.  Nate Johnson (HHS Data Coach) discussed how he “mines” for that information.

From Agenda Item “Role of the Community Council”

  • The council and Chair Lebaron emphasised our role to provide support to the students at HHS and working with teachers and administration to find the areas of need that school trust land money can be allocated.

From Agenda item “Call for Agenda Items”

  • Kevin Adams discussed creating a 5 year plan or vision for the students at HHS.  What we would like to see the direction of the school, academics and alternative programs look like.  It was suggested and support by Mrs Foster that we utilize resources in the community to provide “TIGERtalks” to our student body to help educate them on exciting careers and options available.

The council concluded their mtg at 4:15 PM and was not able to discuss the budget review that was placed on the agenda.  We will next meet on October 16, 2017 and the Budget Review will be discussed at that point.