Minutes Oct 2017


10/16/17 Minutes

The council discussed the goals and budget, Who needed the money, how much needed and allocated.

  • Council member Kokel asked where our #1 resource is and we discussed the emphasis on last years Trust land money going to Science and what areas they needed the money for.

  • It was also brought up to have parents use Powerschool more, help them be aware as a resource tool to offset so many recovery classes.  Some council members brought up questions and concerns about Recovery Credit, how it works and how often it is avaliable for students.

  • We discussed the ELL program and concerns about seeing an increase in student growth from those programs.

Council member Nate Johnson discussed the greatest areas of academic need, he mentioned PE and the Arts could use a boost and the council discussed how we fund extra FTE through Trust Lands.

Nate Johnson also discussed how our POLC training efforts have increased performance in teachers.