Minutes Jan 2018

January Minutes:

Member Nate Johnson discussed our greatest academic need in the area of assisting our Latino and other minority populations.  A “Latinos in Action” type course was discussed to better serve the needs of our minority students.

The school of Life Foundation attended and provided a presentation on their program and how to incorporate it into the school system.  Several questions arose about funding the program through Trust Lands as well as how many students can be reached by this program.  One member asked the council to examine if the cost of $9800 per year would be discounted for adding additional sections.  Mr Rolfe from the SOLF informed us the cost is roughly $15200 if HHS wanted to double the outreach.  Currently 51 students are served under this program.

Principal Rich discussed the importance of a “Tiger Talks” program but felt it wasn’t a topic that STL could fund as it was outside the direct learning.