Minutes Sept 2018

9/25 Community Council Minutes

9/25/18:  Mtg Minutes:

      1. New CC parent members were introduced, they are as follows
        a. Kris Long
        b. Brian Hinton
        c. Laurel Frost
        d. Emily Lowe

A motion was made to nominate Aurthur LeBaron as Chair and Kris Long as Vice Chair:
All votes were in approval.

2. The mtg dates for the upcoming school year were set as follows: October 30 (Tuesday),
December 4 (Tuesday), February 4 (Monday), March 4 (Monday).

3.  The current school years STL budget was discussed and reviewed

4. School of Life dates were set for the fall and all CC members were invited to attend; those
dates are as follows: 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6


5. Holly Sullivan (School Counselor) was at the CC mtg to discuss credit recovery and program
that will track the success of our credit recovery mentor program

6. The council addressed digital literacy and in the next mtg will be provided the WCSD
acceptable use policy as well as how HHS will inform students/ parents of our policy

Some agenda items were discussed for the next mtg:
STL training videos

2. Acceptable Use Policy