Minutes Oct 2018

Community Council Minutes– October 30, 2018

Members in attendance:

Brian Hinton, Emily Lowe, Laurel Frost, Daniel McKeehan, Kris Long, Arthur Lebaron (by phone).

Minutes from 9/25 read by Kris Long

1. Summer Cornelius- presentation on digital literacy.

* District teamed with Impero for new digital software. 
  * Software can help teachers see all chrome books/computers at one time. 
  * Digital safety 
  * Impero was implemented at HHS in September. No red flags! 
 * Probable cause searches legal according to acceptable use policy.

2. Daniel McKeehan- rollover money from landtrust

* Latinos in action - Trail Johnson- advisor. We can reach 40 students, missing class, bad grades.
* Veronica Homer -ESL aide - $4500
* Two credit recovery mentors, one to find kids, one to run the program. $21,000

* 2 theater/debate assistants for Mr. Hill. -$2700
* Testing coordinator -$2300
* Field trips – unified studies – self-sustaining. Supplement when possible, where needed. 

$30,000-$35,000 reoccurring money.

Biggest need right now: Hire a math teacher. $60-70,000 dollars. Money to come from trust land money. Does the district have funds for this?  

Math department: align curriculum.

School of life – three sessions per year $7000 from trust lands, $2800 from other funds. 1st session going on right now.

Training video: See link below. 


Next meeting: December 4, Tuesday 3PM at HHS library.