Minutes Dec 2018

Community Council Minutes--December 4, 2018

In attendance: Brian Hinton, Emily Lowe, Laurel Frost, Daniel McKeehan, Arthur Lebaron
Reoccurring funds:
ESL Paraprofessional $2900
Credit Recovery $14,350
Theater & Debate $2700
ACT Prep Testing Coordinator $2346
Professional Development $11,919
Educational Field Trips $6500
School of Life $7000
Total: $47,715

One-time funds:
Full-time Math Teacher $60-65,000
Honors Choir $11-12,000
Grand total using lower estimates: $118,715
The District has given us an estimate of $110,000-118,000 in probable available Trust funds.
We are expecting around $115,000, so we may need to cover a bit of a shortfall.
Discussion on Math Teachers: We hope to have 2 new Math teachers next year, one paid out
of Trust Money, and the other from the school’s funds. The more experienced teacher will be
paid out of school funds, as opposed to the softer Trust money. This will bring the size of math
classes from 32 down to around 21-24, depending on attendance. Our Math Department is the
only one in the District (besides Enterprise) which shows a positive student growth score.
Question about Honors Choir: Who does this benefit? Is Honors Choir different from Chamber
Choir? Daniel McKeehan to check into this.
Next Meeting: Monday, February 4, 2019 at 3 p.m. at HHS library.