Oct 2015 Character


This months 7 C is
Hi HHS! Can you even believe that it is OCTOBER?? This month's C is Character. We thought this went nicely with the month of Halloween.

Students need a fundamental sense of right and wrong to ensure they 
are prepared to make wise choices, contribute to the world and become stable adults. Students with character enjoy a strong sense of self-worth and confidence. They are more comfortable sticking to their own values and demonstrating a caring attitude towards others.

Children learn character by the values we TEACH, our words of praise, 
or through the way we correct them. They learn by observing your 
values and behavior in daily interactions.

Please spark up some conversations on CHARACTER in your 
classrooms! Some questions you may ask:

How do you get character?
Who's your favorite character? Are you going to be them for Halloween? Does that character have good character???

Good luck and thanks for your efforts!