Feb2016 Connection

Happy February Hurricane High!
This month our highlighted 7 C is CONNECTION. Fitting for February I know. 
Human Connection provides reassurance that we'll be okay despite tough times, and gives us deep-seated security that convinces us we can take chances. Connection to other people tells us, "We can get through this together." 
Connection isn't just about getting through tough times, however. It also lets us experience a higher level of security that gives us joy and a comfortable base that permits us to take chances that allow us to come closer to our potential. 
I challenge you during the month of February to notice if you are making connections with those around you. Are they meaningful connections? Do you feel supported as well as feel that you are giving that same support?
This month of LOVE is the perfect time to reach out and make a new connection!
Hope you all have a wonderful MONTH!
Thanks for spreading the WORD!